When designing your functional kitchen the Vestabul designer would like to know your preferred design style. To help you narrow down your look, Vestabul has identified 12 different style looks: Bistro, Classic, Contemporary, Craftsman, Euro, Farmhouse, French, Mediterranean, Timeless, Traditional, Transitional and Zen.  The following provides examples of these styles with key elements that you may want to include in your new space. Scroll down to see all of the styles.

Bistro Style

Bistro Details

Marble Counters, Floating Shelves,  Stainless Steel,  Vintage Stools,  Tiled Walls,  Pot Racks, Chalkboards,  Wood Accents,  Storage Baskets,  Simple Cabinets,  Pendant Lights, Open Storage


Classic Style

Classic Details

White Cabinetry,  Traditional Style,  Stone, Quartz or Tile Counters, Wood Floors, Stainless Steel Appliances, Furniture Details, Arches, Panelled Details, Tile backsplash, Pilasters, Decorative Lighting, Detailed Crown Mouldings


Contemporary Style

Contemporary Details

Of-the-Moment Design,  Stained or Painted Cabinets,  Tile Backsplash, Quartz Counters,  Tile/Laminate or Wood Floors, Floating Shelves, Pendant & Pot Lights, Stainless Steel Appliances, Mixed Metals,  Under Mount Sinks, Single Lever Faucets, Staggered Cabinetry, Glass doors, Large Hardware Pulls, Glass Accent Counters


Craftsman Style

Craftsman Details

Stained Wood Cabinetry, Shaker Styled Doors, Painted Cabinetry, Stone/Quartz/Laminate/Solid Surface/Tile Counters,  Black or Stainless Steel Appliances, Natural Accents, Glass Mullion Doors, Stone/Tile or Wood Floors, Large Sinks,  Vintage Style Light Fixtures, Wrought Iron Accents, Tile/metal/wood backsplashes


Euro Style

Euro Details

Color Blocking, Mixing Wood & Paint, Lineal Lines, Sharp/Crisp Lines, Suspended Elements, Built-in Appliances, Smaller Appliances, Solid Surface Counters, Matt & Gloss Cabinets, Streamline Hardware, Concealed Hardware, Stone/Ceramic/Wood Floors, Minimal Upper Cabinets


Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse  Details

Mixed Finishes, Bead Board Accents, Turned Legs, Butcher Block, Natural Woods, Stained Woods, Painted Woods, Stone/Wood Floors, Furniture Pieces, Mullion Glass Doors, Open Shelves, Arches, Plate Racks, Antique Hardware, Ceramic Tile Backsplash, Stone/Wood/Tile Counters, Wicker Baskets, Decorative Light Fixtures


French Style

French Details

Carved Mouldings, Turned Posts, Barley Twist Elements, Corbels, Glazed Cabinetry, Stained Woods, Custom Hoods, Stone/Marble Countertops, Arches and Curves, Ogee Edges on Counters, Detailed Open Shelves, Applied Appliques, Detailed Backsplash Patterns, Ornate Light Fixtures, Decorative Hardware, Furniture Details


Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Details

Strong Colors, Tile on Floors, Walls & Counters, Cooking Hearths, Furniture Pieces, Unfitted Look, Eclectic Details, Wrought Iron Accents, Hand Painted Details, Stone/Marble/Tile/Wood Countertops, Ornate Light Fixtures, Mixed Metals, Open Shelves, Carved Details


Timeless Style

Timeless Details

Stained Wood Cabinets,  Painted Finishes, Tile Backsplash,   Quartz/Laminate/Stone Counters,  Tile/Laminate/Wood Floors, 5 Piece Wood Cabinet Doors, Modern Layouts, Functional Details, Built-in or Freestanding Appliances, Cabinetry to the Ceiling or Staggered, Metal Hardware, Modern Light Fixtures and Faucets


Traditional Style

Traditional Details

Dark Stained Cabinetry, Carved Corbels, Elaborate Mullion Doors, Beveled Glass, Dental Moulding, Stacked Mouldings, Dark Glazed Details, Custom Details, Furniture Looks, Cabinets to the Ceiling, Stone/Quartz Counters, Stone/Ceramic Backsplash Designs, Metal and Crystal Light Fixtures, Decorative Metal Hardware, Paneled/Stainless Steel/Black Appliances, Deep Rich Tones


Transitional Style

Transitional Details

Combining Traditional and Modern Elements, Lineal Crown & Valance Mouldings, Honed Granite, Frosted Glass Doors, Floating Shelves, Stained or Painted Cabinets, Stainless Steel or Paneled Appliances, Modern Light Fixtures,  Wood/Ceramic Tile/Vinyl/Laminate Floors, Sharp Edged Stainless Steel sinks, Industrial Faucets, Wide Pilasters


Zen Style

Zen Details

Veneer Slab Door Cabinets, Simple Details, Concrete Countertops, Metal Hardware, Horizontal Line, Natural Materials, Bamboo, Calming Color Schemes, Cork/Wood Floors, Compact Spaces, Subtle Texture