Principle Design


Principle Kitchen Design Package


Package includes:

  1. Two different layout options with designer’s written design explanation

  2. Final Floorplan identifying Food Flow Zones

  3. Kitchen elevations identifying Storage Solutions

 Principle Design Options:

  1. Mechanical plan


  2. Black & white line perspectives from three angles


  3. Designer recommended Style Choices


  4. Color perspective from one angle


The following example shows how a kitchen can be improved with the

Principle Design Package

Before Kitchen

This kitchen is a basic L-Shaped layout in a 10′ by 12′ space. The room has framed wood cabinetry and free standing appliances.

Layout Issues

  • The refrigerator door opens the wrong way with no drop off space
  • The cabinet above the refrigerator is only 12″ deep and note easily accessed
  • The microwave takes up valuable counter space
  • The single shelf in the base cabinet between refrigerator an range lacks functionality
  • The base corner cabinet is not very accessible and the piano hinge door hits the free standing range
  • The overlapping of the corner upper cabinets hides the corner storage
  • The sink cabinet is an open space with no functionality
  • Narrow base cabinet on the end with a single shelf is awkward storage
  • Fixed shelves in upper cabinets limits storage options
  • Kitchen lacks pantry storage
  • The space above the upper cabinets has minimal storage capacity
  • The kitchen table must be pulled out to use and another table & chairs set is located in the adjacent dining room

A Principle Design Solution

Storage Details

  1. Top drawer with half spice insert & half utensil insert
  2. Narrow condiment rollouts either side of range
  3. Hanging rod utensil holder below hood
  4. Top drawer with knife block insert and utensil divider
  5. Blind corner with “Magic corner” chrome accessory
  6. Pullout double trash can
  7. Tea towel holder mounted to back of sink cabinet door
  8. Chrome pullout cleaning basket
  9. Top two drawers with cutlery dividers
  10. 5 individual rollout shelves in lower half of pantry & 4 shelves in top half
  11. Vertical tray dividers
  12. Drawers under microwave with small tool dividers

As per Principle Design a new layout was developed within the existing room increasing the functionality of the space. In this design solution the sink plumbing and the range & hood mechanical were kept close to their existing locations. New electrical was run to accommodate the new refrigerator and microwave locations.

This kitchen design requires removing the existing kitchen and replacing all of the elements including cabinets, appliances, sink, faucet, countertop and backsplash. The home owner may also decide to install new flooring, lighting, door and window along with painting the space.

The design includes cabinetry designed to the ceiling to increase the storage capacity. All of the cabinetry was specified as frameless to allow the full width and height of the cabinet interior to be utilized. Storage accessories were specified to increase the functionality of the design. Floating shelves installed throughout the design add a contemporary detail to the design.

The new design places the five Kitchen Zones conveniently around the space.


Prep Zone
A large prep zone to the right of the range was planned in this layout with easy access to the sink. This 42” of counter frontage and the 24” of back corner counter allows the cook to spread out their food prep. The floating shelf above this area can store frequently accessed supplies while the closed door cabinets easily house all of mixing bowls, salad spinners and prep items needed. The base cabinets are equipped with functional accessories. The condiment pullout to the right of the range houses spices and sauces used in prepping food. The top drawer in this zone contains a knife block and utensil divider for small prep tool storage. The blind base corner is made accessible through the installation of a chrome basket “magic corner” accessories. This unit is strong enough to hold heavier small appliances used in food prep.

Cooking Zone
The cooking zone is centered on a new slide in range and a contemporary chimney style hood. The new layout puts all of the cooking products within arm’s reach. Pots and Pans are stored in the wide deep drawers to the left of the range.  The top drawer of this bank of drawers has angled storage to allow smaller spice bottles to be organized and visible. This drawer also includes dividers to organize ladles, mixing spoons and cooking utensils. Additional utensils are displayed within the cooks reach on a hanging rod utensil holder. For a decorative approach this is a great place for a matched stainless steel set of cooking utensils.  The left side condiment pullout houses cooking oils and vinegars used during cooking.


Serving Zone
The primary serving zone in this kitchen is used to transfer cooked products into serving dishes. It is located to the left of the range. All of the serving platters & bowls are stored in the upper cabinet and floating shelf in this area. The counter surface allows all of the food to be dished out easily. Everyday dishes are stored on the floating shelves above the dishwasher with cutlery stored in the top two drawers beside the dishwasher, allowing these items to be accessed to set the table in the nearby dining room.

Clean-up Zone
A new apron front sink is the center of the clean-up zone in this kitchen design. The cabinet under the sink has been organized with accessories to hold tea towels and a pullout cleaning supply basked for liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent. The dishwasher has been place to the right of the sink and a double pullout trash can to the left accommodates trash and recycling. The bottom drawer in the bank of drawers on the end is for kitchen linens with the drawer above it housing food wraps.

Food Storage Zone
A bottom mount refrigerator is the center of the food storage zone. To the left of the refrigerator is an 18” wide by 24” deep food pantry that is accessorised with 5 rollout shelves. This set up will hold a variety of dry and canned food stuffs.  To the right of the refrigerator is a bank of drawers where boxed foods are accommodated in the middle drawer and small packages in the top drawer. The bottom drawer is for food storage containers. The deep cabinets above the pantry and refrigerator have been organized for additional function in the space. Adding 4 shelves above the pantry gives the home owner a storage area for glass platters and delicate items their own shelf without having to stack them. The cabinet above the refrigerator includes vertical dividers for trays, cooking sheets, cutting boards ect.

This final Principle Design shows how much the function and style of the room can be improved with replacing all of the key elements. Designing within the existing space and keeping major appliances in similar locations will help to keep your renovation costs in line, but moving them can improve the function immensely. The Vestabul questionnaire will ask you your preference at the beginning of the process. Let us know if the Principle Design Package is the one for you!