Vestabul offers online functional kitchen design services. We focus on food flow within the space by identifying specific Kitchen Zones and showing you how to get maximum efficiency through Storage Solutions and cabinet accessorising. Our Kitchen Design Experts will work with you to develop the kitchen design that is best for you. We have four design packages that you can choose from:

Design Evaluation

Kitchen Design Evaluation


Vestabul offers an option of a professional design evaluation as part of our options. One of our kitchen design experts will write an evaluation of your space or answer 2 to 3 of your specific questions.  If you choose to start with this option we will credit the cost of the evaluation to our Vesta, Principle or Signature design packages.

You may benefit from the Design Evaluation if:

  • You have been thinking about a renovation and want to get some direction from a professional kitchen designer.
  • You are happy with your new kitchen design from your cabinet maker but want a second opinion before you plunk down the deposit.
  • You have developed a couple of preliminary plans for your new kitchen and would like to know which way you should go.

Vesta Kitchen Design

Vesta Kitchen Design Package


The Vesta Kitchen Design option improves the function within an existing space. Food flow zones are identified along with cabinet accessories and storage solutions specified to improve function within the room.

Spaces that can benefit from the Vesta Kitchen Design service include:

  • Kitchens where the homeowner does not want to replace the existing cabinetry.
  • New construction spaces where stock kitchen plans have been provided and are part of the contract.
  • Kitchens where a cabinet maker has developed a layout for the new kitchen.

Principle Kitchen Design

Principle Kitchen Design Package


The Principle Design options provides a new cabinet layout within the existing space. The design can be developed keeping major appliances in their existing locations or by placing them in new locations. Food flow zones are located and cabinet accessories & storage solutions specified for optimum function.

Spaces that can benefit from the Principle Kitchen Design Service include:

  • Kitchen layouts that require new cabinet plans but major appliances are to remain in their existing locations.
  • Kitchens where a full renovation within the existing room is the goal with little or no restraints on major appliance placement.
  • New home construction where the kitchen area is identified but there is time to specify a new more functional layout that could relocate major appliances.

Signature Kitchen Design

Signature Kitchen Design Package


The Signature Kitchen Design option is for a major renovation or new construction custom layout. Renovation can consist of removing a wall, changing doors and/or windows, incorporating an addition or moving the location of the kitchen to a new space*. Food flow zones are identified and cabinet accessories & storage solutions specified for optimum function.

Spaces that can benefit from the Signature Kitchen Design Service include:

  • Renovations where walls are to be removed to open up the space.
  • New home construction where space planning of the kitchen/great room area is required.
  • Kitchen renovations where an exploration of locating the kitchen in a different area of the home is requested.


*All structural changes need to be confirmed and undertaken by a qualified contractor.

All of the above Kitchen Design packages offer supplemental options. You can order your options at any time during the design process. See individual Design Package Tabs for additional information on design packages and design options.

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