The Vestabul Design Team has developed an easy 3 step process for you to get your Functional Dream Kitchen!

  1. Choose your Design Package

  2. Complete your Homework 

  3. Receive your Design

Choosing your Design Package

Vestabul offers 4 different design packages for you to choose from:

Kitchen Design Evaluation

Vesta Kitchen Design Package

Principle Kitchen Design Package

Signature Kitchen Design Package







Our Services page can help you decide which one would work best for your space

Doing your Homework

Once you order your design package, your Vestabul designer will send you all of the information needed to complete your homework. In most cases you will need to do the following:

  • Fill out the Vestabul Design Survey
    • The survey includes questions on your cooking style, grocery shopping habits, storage needs, family size and style direction
    • The survey will be emailed to you
  • Take pictures of your existing space
    • Show us details as well as full room shots
    • Vestabul will give you instructions on how to do this
  • Measure your existing space or provide a blueprint drawing
    • The more detailed the better!
    • Follow the measuring tips we will send you to get this part right!

Receiving your Design

  • Your final design package will arrive via email in a format that works for you. (PDF, JPEG, PPT)
  • During the design process you may be asked to choose between options that your Vestabul designer sends you
    • The Principle Design Package includes two preliminary design directions and the Signature Design Package includes three preliminary design directions
  • At any time you can order design options such as perspective renderings, mechanical plans or product choices. See individual options by package for recommended options

We look forward to seeing pictures of your completed project and would love to feature them on our blog!