Serving Zone Solutions

Real Life Solutions for the Kitchen Serving Zone

The Kitchen Serving Zone should be customized and located in the kitchen to meet the homeowners individual needs. For some the serving zone would be placed by the dining table, for others it may be near the clean-up zone and some families may prefer to plate their meals so it would be adjacent to the cooking zone. The following examples are just a few ways that Vestabul designers have incorporated functional serving zones in client’s homes.

Glass Mullion Doors Display Dishware

The Serving Zone in this white and wood kitchen is centrally located on the island. The 48″ height of the cabinetry accommodates all of the households dishes and allows children as well as adults to access the items. Informal dining happens at the end of this island so the table can be set from this side without getting in the way of the cook. If the cook did want to plate before serving, the cooking zone is just steps away making this easy. The heat proof tile surface of the serving zone counter also allows hot dishes straight out of the oven to be placed here with no fear of damaging the counter surface.

The owners of this home wanted to make table setting and clean-up seamless. The solution by the Vestabul designer was to installed double entry glass cabinets that are accessible from both the dining room and kitchen sides. Problem solved! The cabinetry coming down to the counter not only frames the area it makes these items easily reached by the children in the home. On the kitchen side of the space the upper drawer on the end of the peninsula was divided for flatware.

Multiple Drawers Maximize Tableware Storage

Different sized drawers are a great way to customize the serving area. In this first example a variety of drawers were specified by the Vestabul Designer to house the homeowners extensive collection of tableware and accessories. These drawers contain a variety of items including table cloths, napkins, placemats, candles, serving dishes and accessories. The unit was also continently located facing the main dining area and steps away from alfresco dining. The placement along the step down from the kitchen to the dining room also provides a large serving counter to transfer food from one room to the other.

This serving area offers two options for storage of tableware. The upper cabinet with custom leaded glass inserts houses most of the families everyday dishware and glassware. The lower two banks of drawers hold more of the plastic and kid friendly tableware items. The long upper drawers are fitted with dividers for serving utensils and cutlery. In this kitchen the center island is reserved for prepping of food leaving the long peninsula counter free for serving.

Plate Racks

Including a plate rack in the serving zone adds a nice decorative detail to the kitchen and it is super functional. Mainly, the dividers keep plates from banging against each other reducing chipping and this set up allows guests to easily help set the table without having to ask you where things are stored.

The plate rack in this country kitchen example was placed in a decorative cabinet at the end of an informal dining counter. This placement gives access to the dishes from both outside and inside the kitchen. This homeowner has used the upper open shelves for display but storing bowls and mugs would also be a good use of this space. The drawer below the plate rack is the ideal location for everyday cutlery. The raised dining bar peninsula includes informal dining and extra serving items in the full height shallow base cabinets on the kitchen side.

The Serving Zone in the second example has a double door cabinet and plate rack as the main dishware storage space. The dinner and salad plates are stored in the plate rack while additional items like bowls, mugs and saucers are stored in the two door cabinet above. The flatware is stored in a drawer that has been divided to separate each of the items. For this homeowner the request was to have the serving zone beside the Clean-up Zone allowing dishes to be easily put away after cleaning.

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