Food Storage Zone Solutions

Real Life Solutions for the Food Storage Zone

Paneled Refrigerators with matching Pantries

Paneling a built-in refrigerator allows it to blend in with the rest of the kitchen’s cabinetry. This will often help to eliminate the bulk of this large appliance. In both examples above, the designers “crowned” the pantries and refrigerators with open display units to give the Food Storage Zone a furniture feel.

The dark stained wood kitchen only had room for a single pantry to the left of the refrigerator. The designer maximized it’s storage capacity by specifying a chrome pullout pantry system for that unit. This accessory mounts at the top and the bottom of the cabinet allowing a lot of flexibility within the space to adjust the shelves to the homeowners needs.

The white painted kitchen was a larger space so the designer specified two double door pantries on either side of the paneled bottom mount refrigerator. The pantries each include 5 rollout shelves to store all of the home owners non-refrigerated food stuffs. The decorative hardware, leaded glass doors and arched shelf with applique work beautifully in the French inspired design of the room.

Freestanding Refrigerators and Pantries

Free standing refrigerators can be given a built-in look with clever placement of surrounding cabinetry. A Vestabul designer trick is to specify the tall pantry units 26″ to 30″ deep or to have them pulled off the wall to cover the sides of a free standing refrigerator. In this design the white bottom mount refrigerator blends in beautifully with the white painted shaker cabinets on either side of it. The Food Storage Zone  consists of the refrigerator and the pantry to the right of it. (The tall unit on the left houses a TV and small appliances) The full extension rollout shelves inside the food pantry brings items from the back of the cabinet to within easy reach of the cook.

In the stained wood kitchen design, the large freestanding side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator is enclosed by 6″ wide pilasters that are 30″ deep. Instead of leaving them as stationary fillers, the designer specified a narrow pullout system for the “fillers” turning them into functional pantry storage! For the empty nester homeowners this solution fit their needs perfectly. These narrow pullouts can be stacked as shown in this example or installed beside base cabinets or upper cabinets.

Walk-in Pantries

Walk in pantries are fabulous if the kitchen design can accommodate the space requirements. The Vestabul designer of this natural cherry kitchen specified a built-in pantry in the corner of the room between the refrigerator and the built-in ovens. The by-fold doors open to the right to allow the counter top inside the pantry to act as the drop off space for the large refrigerator beside it. Inside the pantry the designer developed multiple food storage options including an angled canned goods storage drawer. The counter space in this pantry also houses a small appliance work zone that can be shut away after food preparation is completed.

Another example of a walk-in pantry is shown in the dark stained example. The designer was able to annex an under used space adjacent to kitchen so she specified a set of double doors be cut into the wall to access the space.  The doors were designed to echo the large paneled built-in refrigerator on the same wall. She then specified opened shelves on two walls with a tall “lazy” susan unit in the corner. The homeowner, who lives in the country can now stock up on her monthly shopping trips!

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