Clean-up Zone Solutions

Real Life Solutions for Kitchen Clean-Up Zone

The Clean-Up Zone may not be the most glamourous area of the kitchen but by making this area functional, your clean-up tasks can be looked after in no time!

Dishwasher Placement and Size Options

Ideally every Clean-Up Zone would include a dishwasher. For the ultimate in convenience Vestabul Designers will often suggest a raised dishwasher. These examples show how any dishwasher from a standard enameled front, to a stainless steel one to a wood paneled model can be raised. In all of these examples a drawer was placed under the raised dishwasher with the drawer front coming up higher than the drawer box to cover the dishwasher kick plate. This gives a clean built-in look. Once clients experienced the raised dishwasher they said they would never have one placed on the floor again!

Appliance manufactures are now offering consumers options to the standard 24″  wide dishwasher. In this small condo kitchen the Clean-up Zone is equipped with an 18″ wide dishwasher. It was the perfect size to squeeze into this kitchen. (For tight spaces a dishwasher drawer could also be the solution) To add some additional function to the area, the Vestabul Designer included a tilt-front tray to the false area in front of the sink. This is the perfect place to store scrub brushes and sink strainers. The single door sink cabinet also houses a trash can attached to the door and a pullout tea towel holder.

Sink Designs

To add some pizazz to the Clean-Up Zone you may choose to focus on the sink. Apron front sinks can add a lot of style and they are remarkably functional. The built in front section or “apron” actually allows the cook to easily reach the bottom of the sink bowl. (Sometimes installers are forced to install sinks 4″ to 6″ away from the front of the counter placing the sinks bowl quite a distance away from the user). As these examples show, an apron front sink can give a kitchen many distinctive looks such as: Country, Industrial, Craftsman, Mediterranean or Rustic.

This client took their clean-up tasks seriously and installed a commercial style integrated double bowl sink with duel drain board trays. The placement of the sink under a set of three windows brings in a lot of natural light and allows the user to take advantage of a fantastic view. The style of this sink really complimented the clean lines in the rest of the space. There is not clean-up job that couldn’t be tackled in this Clean-Up Zone.


Organization and Trash & Recycling Solutions

Organizing the cabinet under your sink is imperative for a functional Clean-up Zone. This large under mount sink called for an equally large sink cabinet so there was lots of room to get things organized. The Vestabul Designer first specified the two sink false drawers to tilt-forward. Removable trays were installed inside. With scrub brushes and scouring pads stored in the trays, it is great to be able to pop them out and put them through the dishwasher for a deep cleaning. Everyday trash was accommodated with a stainless steel pop-up trash can that was attached to the left door. A pullout chrome basket was installed on the other side and houses all of the homeowners kitchen cleaning supplies. To help keep the sink cabinet easy to clean a non-skid removable liner was specified for the bottom of the cabinet.

Solutions for recycling, trash and compost can be as individual as the homeowner occupying the space. Manufactures have really stepped up in recent years and now provide numerous options. The examples above illustrate that you can recycle, compost and deal with trash in any sized kitchen. The key is planning this storage requirement in your Clean-up Zone at the beginning of the project.

Vestabul is here to help!