The Kitchen Serving Zone

The Serving Zone is the area where tableware is stored. In this zone you will find dishes, glasses, cutlery, serving bowls and platters. It also is the ideal space for table linens such as placemats, table cloths & napkins and table condiments like salt & pepper shakers.

If your style is to plate food as it comes out of the cooking zone the Serving Zone should be adjacent to the main cooktop with ample countertop to lay out plates. If you serve family style this area could be located next to the table for easy table setting. Another option for the Serving Zone is to place it near the dishwasher to allow tableware to be put away efficiently.

The following images show examples of the Serving Zone in all of these areas.


For additional ideas for the Serving Zone see how Vestabul designer’s have incorporated functional Serving Zone Solutions into their client’s homes.