The Kitchen Food Storage Zone


This is the kitchen zone for the storage of consumable products. It includes refrigerated and non-refrigerated food stuffs. Think of this area as the place to store most of your grocery shopping food items. This zone should include a refrigerator/freezer and some type of storage with shelves.

In the ideal situation this would include a large walk-in pantry and a separate refrigerator & freezer. This is not possible in all kitchen designs so don’t despair if you are space challenged! Food storage space can be increase in many ways. Converting a closet, adding cabinet accessories or rethinking your layout can increase storage capacity in your kitchen’s Food Storage Zone. Even looking at how your refrigerator is configured can improve this area. These images show a variety of examples for a functional Food Storage Zone.


For additional examples, check out Real Life Solutions for the Food Storage Zone that Vestabul designers have incorporated into their functional kitchen designs.