Vestabul is a design company that believes the best kitchens are Functioning kitchens. We have a unique philosophy on how a kitchen design should evolve and we collaborate with experts in the kitchen industry to ensure you receive the most functional kitchen design possible.

Our Philosophy

A functional kitchen is one that allows you to store, prep, cook, serve and clean-up with ease no matter what the size of your space. Not every homeowner has the same functional needs, so we will individualize your space whether you produce daily from scratch meals or grab take-out most evenings. We can help out if you bake, prepare gourmet meals, have a food prep specialty or just want to have a place for everything and everything in its place. We won’t forget that the kitchen is the heart of the home and also needs to be beautiful. So,  along with functional layouts and storage accessories we can provide design solutions to fit your style!

Our Kitchen Experts

At Vestabul we approach design from a functional perspective using an extensive team. We achieve this by working with a collective of design professionals with overlapping and varying areas of expertise. Within this group of experts we have Kitchen Design Experts, Functional Design Experts, Space Planning Experts and Interior Design Experts.

The background of the design team includes Certified Kitchen Designers, Kitchen Design Specialists, Home Economists, Accredited Interior Designers, Custom Millwork Designers, Interior Decorators and Product Designers.

Being a web based design service our team can expand to meet any kitchen design need. Our focus is first and foremost on the Function of the Kitchen with Style and product specification advice available.

When you work with Vestabul you can be assured that the designer working on your kitchen project is one of the best in the industry!



 Vestabul looks forward to helping you realize your Functional Dream Kitchen!

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