Top 10 Dining Shelf Brackets

All counters that cantilever past cabinetry by more than 12″ should have some type of support. Even though dining shelf brackets are a functional element in the kitchen they can be a decorative feature too. Follow along to see Vestabul Designers current top 10 Dining Shelf Brackets!

  1. Blending in with Curves

Brackets that match the surrounding cabinetry can be a good choice in a smaller kitchen. The radius shapes of these ones are also easy on the knees!


2. Matching up your Angles

If your kitchen design is more straight lined, dining brackets with a strong angled profile work best. Plan your brackets to line up with vertical elements in your paneling for the best installation.


3. Keeping it Thin

If your overhand is a small one, narrow brackets can do the job. By echoing the detail on the end of the island in the bracket design, the designer provided a decorative support in this Craftsman styled kitchen.


4. Adding some Contrast

Making your dining shelf brackets part of the design statement can add the element of repetition to your design. In both of these examples the contrasting dining shelf color was echoed in another element in the space.


5. Going Traditional

Matching the design of your brackets to the overall style of the space shows attention to detail. The traditional brackets in these examples were chosen to work with the décor style of these kitchens perfectly.


6. Carving in Detail

A carved corbel makes a great dining shelf bracket with detailing that is hard to beat. These mahogany ones match other corbels found on the hearth in the cooking zone.


7. Highlighting a Focal Point

Oversized carved corbels can become a focal point in your kitchen. In this example they support the radius counter end of the island becoming the finishing touch in this large space.


8.  Twisting some Iron

Your dining shelf brackets do not have to be made from wood. Iron or wrought iron brackets can give your kitchen a Mediterranean, rustic or industrial vibe.


9. Straight up Modern

A modern kitchen deserves a modern dining shelf bracket. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for kitchens in this style. Choose either vertical or angled brackets to support your dining bar.


10. Integrate It All

For a truly custom look you can have your brackets integrated into the rest of the cabinetry. In this design a thick end panel was curved to support a contrasting wood apron that ultimately supports the counter overhang.

As you see functional elements like dining shelf brackets can be truly beautiful. We hope you consider this area as a detail that can elevate your kitchen design. If you need some help, let us know!


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