Vestabul’s Top 10 Condiment Storage Solutions

A functional kitchen is one that places everything at your fingertips. When it comes to kitchen condiments such as spices, oils & vinegars you want them close by and you also want to be able to see what you have at a glance. Vestabul designers have integrated unique solutions for condiment storage in many of their kitchens. Here are our top 10 condiment storage solutions!

  1. An angled spice insert for upper drawers because it can be added to any upper drawer and allows the bottle’s label to be display for easy retrieval. Add them to both the prep zone and the cooking zone.


2. A narrow base pullout for a single row of spices because it fits behind a standard cabinet filler that is usually wasted space. It is the perfect accessory for using every inch in your kitchen.


3.  A condiment pullout in an upper cabinet because it accommodates tall cooks. With adjustable shelves you can organize your items even more.


4. A condiment pullout as part of a cooking hearth because it makes all of your spices, oils and vinegars accessible to the cook while in the cooking zone. This location is also easily reached by most cooks.


5. A medium condiment rollout for oils and vinegars because all of your bottles can be stored in one place. Install two and use the other one for dry spices and rubs.


6. A wide side mounted rollout because it will hold the large spice bottles and condiments from big box stores. Placed under a pro cooktop completes this cooking zone.


7. Removable apothecary drawers because they can be brought down to the counter for easy access during baking.


8. A metal lined deep drawer with dividers for oils & vinegars because spills wipe up easily and a portion of a  deep drawers can be devoted to this type of storage.


9. A niche built into the wall behind the range because it puts condiments at the cooks fingertips and provides a great display space.


10. Wire shelves under range hood as part of the stainless steel backsplash for oils & vinegars because it gives your kitchen a commercial look and puts items where you need them.


Within these Top 10 solutions for condiment storage there is definitely one that will work for you and your kitchen. You can never have too much function in this room! Check out our Function section to see more ways to improve your kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Vestabul’s Top 10 Condiment Storage Solutions

  1. Darnella Armitage

    I have great spice and condiment storage, apparently you designed my kitchen when this home was built. The kitchen was one of the top selling points when we purchased.

    I do like the wire rack storage for jars and bottles in the cupboards that you have shown in some of the design photos.

    1. Designer @ VestabulDesigner @ Vestabul Post author

      Thanks Darnella!
      It just goes to show that good functional design is timeless. I remember designing 4 or 5 kitchens in your neighbourhood and functions was at the forefront. So glad you are enjoying the space.

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