Vestabul’s Top 10 Prep Sinks

The kitchen Prep Zone will always benefit from its own designated sink. Supplying a water source in this zone helps for cleaning food or adding water to a mix. It can also transform your kitchen into an entertaining zone when filled with ice and bottled beverages.

There are a variety of prep sinks shapes in multiple materials available to compliment any kitchen design. Here are Vestabul’s Top 10!


1. The Round Prep Sink because it is easy to wipe out in one smooth swoop and accommodates standard kitchen strainers.

2. The Square Prep Sink because it works well in Modern, Contemporary, High-Tec & Transitional Kitchen designs due to its strong crisp lines.


3. The Rectangular Prep Sink because it is great for awkward spaces and can be installed in its long or narrow position.

4. The Oval Prep Sink because it coordinates with a variety of main sink shapes and is easy to under mount.

5. The Triangular Prep Sink because it fits perfectly into the corner of an island allowing prep work to occur on both the right and left sides of the sink.

6. The Integrated Prep Sink in stainless steel because it gives a smooth edge between counter and sink while being heat proof.


7. The Hammered Copper Prep Sink because it compliments rustic kitchen designs and adds an accent point to any kitchen.

8. The Patina Bronze Prep Sink because it blends in with the quartz countertop and offers an affordable luxury for a custom look.

9. The Ceramic Prep Sink because it works in a country kitchen complementing a ceramic apron front main sink and is classic in white.
10. The Solid Surface Prep Sink because it can be integrated into a solid surface counter producing an extremely hygienic installation with no ledges between sink & counter.


To see more prep sink examples visit Real Life Solutions for the Kitchen Prep Zone!


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  1. Darnella Armitage

    Oh my, gorgeous sinks.

    Looking forward to seeing our friends here, finished kitchen. I’m sure you will have the end results posted soon

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