Vestabul’s Top 10 Backsplash Alternatives

The backsplash area of your kitchen plays both a functional and decorative role. Ceramic tile is by far the most popular material for a backsplash but there are alternatives. The following are Vestabul Designer’s Top 10 kitchen backsplash alternatives.

1. Glass

As an island backsplash glass is the perfect choice. In this example it acts as a splash guard at the sink and protection to the dining bar from the cooktop.

2. Chalkboard

Get a Bistro Kitchen style by painting your backsplash area with chalkboard paint. Great for writing out a recipe or leaving a love note!


3. Veneer Wood

Installing wood that matches the kitchen cabinetry in the backsplash produces a contemporary look.

4. Plank Wood

Horizontally installed mixed grain wood gives a rustic look to a kitchen.


5. Mirror

Mirror is a wonderful way to help visually expand the space in the backsplash area.

6. Window

Installing a window in the backsplash area is a great way to bring natural light on to the countertop.


7. Sheet Metal

Stainless steel gives a high-tech look to a kitchen. It offers easy maintenance and a heat proof surface.

8. Metal Laminate

Laminate metal products are an alternative to sheet metal offering a variety of metal like finishes and easy installation.


9. Pebbles

Pebbles are available on sheets for installation in the backsplash area. Choose this natural material for a textural look.

10. Art Piece

Make a statement with a hand painted one-of-a-kind look in your backsplash. Look for one pre-made or have an artist custom fabricate a design.


The backsplash is the perfect place to show-off your creativity. Hopefully Vestabul has inspired you to choose one of these backsplash alternatives for your kitchen!

Let us know what your favorite one is. You can comment below.


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