Vestabul’s Top 10 Kitchen Corner Solutions

Most kitchens have corners and often they are not very functional. A typical base corner cabinet is either a small piano hinged door opening into a large deep space or a “blind” corner with a single door that doesn’t allow you to see into the dark back space. Vestabul Designers actually love finding the best solution for your kitchen  corners. Here are Vestabul’s Top 10 Corner Solutions.

1. Revolving Shelves or “Lazy Susans” for piano hinged corners because they circle items from the back to the front of the opening. There is a wide variety of corner “Lazy Susans” available including plastic, metal wire and wood.


2. Half Round or Half Moon “Lazy Susans” because these accessories bring items stored in the back of the cabinet to a reachable place.


3. Corner Recycling Bins because we all need to recycle and a corner cabinet is a great solution for them.


4. Corner optimizer or “Magic” Corner accessory because it brings items from the far back of the cabinet out into the kitchen isle.


5. Corner Drawers because they give you separate pullout compartments for organizing items.


6. Accessing the corner from the back of a peninsula because it gives full access to the space providing great storage opportunities for the dining or family room.


7. Placing your sink in a corner cabinet to provide a large storage space underneath for sink plumbing, trash cans and cleaning supplies.


8. Placing your dishwasher in the corner. Raise it up for an even more ergonomic solution!


9. Recessing your range or cooktop in the corner because you can then add a raised shelf behind for display or condiment storage.


10. Placing your double ovens in the corner because they can be recessed to allow easier drop off on counters on both sides of the ovens.


Corners can be functional! Let Vestabul help you maximize yours!




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